Get The Most out of your Office Productivity with Ricoh Aficio MP 6001.

When operating costs are critical, the Ricoh Aficio 6001 emerges as a viable option in cost effective printing in your office and can help you save substantially. Let’s take a look at some of the most promising features this printer is offering.

1) Combination of visual appeal and beneficial features

You can accomplish good looking and space saving printouts through its Half fold, Z- fold, and Multi fold options. The printer runs at an average speed of 60 pages per minute while printing in black and white. This printer has a vertical printing resolution of 1200 dpi.

Ricoh Aficio 6001

This printer is compatible with popular operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It is also built to save energy. This printer has a standard memory of 512 MB. With an 8.5”LCD touch screen display, navigating through its features becomes easier and easier right from the beginning, even if one isn’t very proficient with corporate printers. The features provide ample evidence why it is an ideal corporate printer when taken on leasing terms.

2) Technologically ready for today’s connected world

This printing machine supports media types like standard paper, heavy weight matte paper, card stock and Transparencies. The scanning in this printer becomes faster with its automatic document feeder that has a maximum capacity of 150 pages. This efficient printing machine can be connected through Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g. You can also send and receive faxes up to 320 pages with a speed of 3 seconds for a single page. The fax machine in this printer double checks the number before actually sending the fax, this helps in minimizing manual error in dialing the correct fax number.

3) Truly multi-function

Added to this, its fax machine can save up to 2,000 frequently dialed fax numbers into its memory. The modem for fax operates at a speed of 33.6 kbps. You can program up to 8 tasks in its memory while it’s already running to increase productive use and save precious time. The pull out mechanism in the toner and paper tray helps in refilling these with comfort. There is a separate tray for faxes which makes it easier to find the same and these doesn’t get lost in the pile of printed and copied papers. All the faxes can be searched and retrieved using Web Image Monitor or Desk Top Binder, making it a good choice for corporate level printing.

Does your fax machine need repair?

For smooth and effective corporate communication, it is imperative for you to keep your fax machines in good health. Fax machines are widely used and accepted as a popular and important medium of corporate communication. If you have fax machines in your office, you will be well aware of the important part they play in your day-to-day communication. Ensuring that your fax machines stay functional and deliver good performance is crucial if you want seamless communication. The trick is to carry out regular maintenance, and knowing when to opt for professional fax repair in Sacramento.

Common Issues and Fixes

For optimal performance from your fax machines, there are always a few simple things you can do –

  • Keep your fax machine clean.
  • Use only high quality supplies.
  • Carry out regular maintenance.
  • Treat paper jams with care following the standard procedure.
  • Keep your fax machine in an air-conditioned environment.

Following these simple guidelines can ensure basic good health of your fax machines. However, there will occasionally be times when your machines develop serious snags, or you face drastic drops in performance. These are the times when you need to immediately call on a professional fax repair service in Sacramento, and get the problem sorted out. Fax machines have complicated internal mechanisms and hardware. Serious problems are, therefore, best left to the professionals. If you do not try to fix problems on your own and get professional help immediately, you can remedy the problem and keep using your fax machine efficiently, alleviating the need and the costs to get it replaced.

When to Call for Repairs

Watch out for these tell-tale signs –

  • Inability to send – If your fax machine can only receive faxes, but has been rendered incapable of sending any, you need to call for repairs. This usually happens when the exposure lamp of your machine gets burned out or fails to operate. Expert repair can solve this problem immediately.
  • Inability to send and receive –When you opt for fax repair in Sacramento, you will be able to solve this problem fast. Resulting from bad telephone connections or electrical problems, this issue needs professional handling.
  • Substandard quality – If you are sending or receiving substandard, illegible fax messages, you need to get expert help. Dust, debris, toner ink spills, problems of cartridge alignment and damaged sensors can affect fax quality, and should be taken care of at once.

Multifunction Printers – A Must for Businesses

A well operating business environment needs optimal performance, stellar features and efficiency from its people and machines. As a business owner, you need appliances and peripherals which make your daily workflow easier, more intuitive and less time-consuming. Three things that just about every business needs are; printing, scanning and copying. Instead of buying separate units to handle these three duties and thereby adding to costs and complications, getting a multifunction printer makes much more sense in every way. Considering the business context and the usual needs of an office, getting a Multifunction Printer can be the best choice you make.

Why you need a Multifunction Printer

The business environment is packed with fast-paced action, productivity and high performance. To deal with your printing and copying needs, you need a product that can be a perfect fit for this environment. Acquiring a multifunction printer makes complete sense in a business context, and here are a few compelling reasons –

  • Business Features – Multifunction printers are manufactured with business use in mind, and therefore are furnished with specific features that can benefit business workflow. These printers usually use laser technology to achieve fast and cost-effective printing. Scanning and copying are usually simple and one-touch processes. Most multifunction printers also come with fax capabilities, providing you with an all-round solution for your needs.
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance –Purchasing separate devices for your printing, scanning and copying needs increases maintenance costs threefold, and also makes operations more complicated. With a multifunction printer, you can complete all your tasks from one central location. Maintenance also becomes easier with only one device to take care of, instead of three. This aids in overall productivity, decrease downtime and significantly saves on maintenance costs.
  • Wide Range – In sync with the requirements of different businesses, the market is full of a wide range of multifunction printers. These come at different price points and include different feature sets. Whether you want something small and compact, or a large and heavy-duty model which can handle significant loads, you are sure to get exactly the kind of multifunction printer you need on the market. You can get a model that suits your budget and delivers the features relevant for your business.

Is it the Right Time for Printer Repair in Your Office?

In an office or any corporate establishment, a printer is one of the most commonly used devices. Printers come in different sizes and are packed with different features to help in resourceful and productive workflow. Depending on your exact requirements, you can opt for smaller devices or larger industry-scale machine. As is the matter with every kind of appliance, sometimes even printers develop snags or have issues. These can range from small and minor issues that you can handle yourself, to severe problems that require you take the printer for repair in the Sacramento area. Printer repair is something many of us have to consider when you are sure that the problem is serious enough to warrant such a step. Knowing the right time to call for repairs is critical and helps you ensure many years of problem-free service from your printers and machines.

Common Machine “Ailments”

The most commonly faced printer problems are minor paper jams, communication errors and empty cartridges. In almost all cases, these can be handled in-house. In case of paper jams, most modern printers have an integrated system of troubleshooting which can give you a step-by-step guide regarding the way to go about things and fix the problem. Empty or emptying cartridges are also things that the printer software should alert you about well in advance, so you can get them replaced or refilled. Communication problems mostly have to do with the printer driver and can be fixed with a repair, reinstall or update. Your in-house IT personnel can get this done and there is no express need to send for a printer repair company.If, however, you notice severe performance issues regarding your printer over time, or notice smoke coming out of the printer body (let’s all hope this doesn’t happen), your printer might be affected by a serious issue that likely needs professional help. In these cases, it is wise to stop using the device immediately and send for a printer repair company. Qualified printer repair technicians have in-depth knowledge about all kinds of inherent printer problems and are the best equipped to deal with these major issues. If you are fast enough, there is a very good chance that you can get the printer repaired and keep enjoying its services for many years.

Learn, Why Konica Minolta 601-751 is the right machine for your business

For success in your business, you need top-notch office machines that let you take care of all your needs efficiently and within budget. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and shine in a competitive market, getting your office equipment optimized for high productivity is crucial. Printing, scanning and copying are essential office operations that need to be handled expertly, and having the right device for the job makes things that much easier. The one machine that can take your office workflow to the next level is the Konica Minolta Bizhub 601. The machine comes with advanced features, simple operation, stellar value for money and important tools to constructively aid office operations and workflow. This makes the corporate-grade multifunction copier the one appliance you cannot do without in your office.

Konica Minolta 601 Sacramento

Understanding the Konica Minolta 601-751
Konica Minolta is the preferred brand for many businesses in and around the Sacramento area when it comes to choosing efficient and high-performance. The Bizhub 601-751 is a workhorse which churns out amazing, dependable and cost-effective performance for years, and has been one of the mainstays of many successful companies around the world. Here are a couple of the most significant factors about the Konica Minolta Bizhub 601 that makes it such a great choice for your business –

Efficiency – The Konica Minolta 601-751 is truly a performance beast when it comes to efficient, silent and low maintenance operations. It can churn out black and white prints at a whopping rate of about 55 pages per minute. You can cut down significantly on your print wait times and focus on other important business areas. Capable of handling multiple paper and material types of many sizes, the copier can control a monthly load of over 150,000 pages has support for high-speed duplex printing.

Features – The Bizhub 601 is one of the most feature-rich printers made by Konica Minolta available in Sacramento. The large LCD display incorporates a touchscreen and tilt control for ease of use and you also get built-in troubleshooting via the help mode. The built in hard drive lets you store important documents and information, and the copier comes ready for full wired or wireless network integration.

Business in Bay Area is Now Profitable Thanks to Printer Leasing

Establishing a fruitful business in Bay area has become possible due to many reasons. One of these reasons is the availability of fast working modern printers on lease agreement instead of outright purchase. Considering the low costs involved in having a printer on lease, it has become an attractive proposition for both emerging and larger businesses in need of printing, toner service and maintenance. The majority of businesses flourishing in Bay area belong to the services and solutions domain. The printing requirements by these businesses often tend to be irregular and not consistent and therefore (just like most businesses), have unique needs. Bay area printer rentals make life much easier for these companies as they save time, money and precious resources needed these days more than ever to run your business optimally.

Printer Leasing in Bay Area

If you know the right type of printer that needs to be leased, that is always helpful, but having someone there to help answer your questions, help with the technology and ensure those machines are functioning as expected. Likewise, choosing the right printer for your needs can also drastically cut down on waste while getting more printing done in less time. A perfect choice of printer helps you meet the desired goals strategically, so it goes without saying, Business printer leasing in the Bay Area is quite popular and appreciated by small to medium size businesses.

Accompanied with printing, there are other digital functions like scanning, copying and faxing that are required by offices on a daily basis. A good laser printer “all-in-one” machine offers these features in a single device and this is a great option for smaller users or added into a larger printer environment, to help balance workloads and speed efficiency. All-in-one printers come in compact sizes and can be placed on a small desk to carry out day-to-day printing tasks.

Small Business’s Major Cost Differentiator – Printer Rental Services

If you are running a small or midsize business, we do understand the hard work you put in keeping costs minimum and enhancing healthy profit margins to keep your business running. Instead of spending huge amounts of money on costly machinery purchases, it is often expected from a smart business owner to look at ingenious alternatives for the same benefit. The printing machinery is one such requirement that needs to be noticed and met by nearly all small to medium level businesses having less budget for the same.

There are endless benefits of getting a quality printer or business machine on lease, given below are some of these most cherished reasons for the same.

1. Helps in meeting short term goals
In many scenarios where small projects require companies to indulge in creating printed manuals, brochures or invitations, Sacramento printer rentals are appropriate solutions for this need without investing in a totally new purchase.

2. Creating effective campaigns in reasonable budget
When one has to create the right campaign in short notice, the printer lease companies are of great help in making printing less expensive for your business. The on lease printer will save you from long term costs related to buying, maintaining, and wear and tear and servicing.

3. Access to variety of modern printers
Many renowned companies are offering the latest printing machines that have the capacity of performing the most varied printing tasks, be it simple black ink printer or the multicolored printer. Your business can have access to a wide variety once you start getting printers on lease through reliable Sacramento printer rentals.

4. Saves lots of resources
The printer leasing option can make your business life a lot easier. By getting the printers on lease, you are assured more time, less cost and later on, less man power needed to maintain and manage all of your printer needs. These three resources can help running your business smoothly. The varied concerns and worries of possessing and maintaining printers are now definitely no longer yours!

So, improve your business efficiency and minimize the excess expenditure done on in house machines, get printers on lease from quality and trusted Sacramento printer leasing companies. To place your order, call or email the contact numbers.

An introduction to Konica Minolta Bizhub C360

Konica Minolta is one of the first names that come to mind when you think of enterprise printing and copying solutions. Over the years, Konica Minolta has gone from strength to strength, creating enterprise printing and copying solutions that shine in the office, perform efficiently and leave much of the rest of the competition behind. If you are looking for a cost-effective and high performance solution for your office, the Konica Minolta Bizhub C360 can be a viable option which fires on all cylinders. Certified by the Buyers’ Laboratory Inc. with their “Pick of the Year” award as “Outstanding A3/Ledger Color MFP”, the Bizhub C360 has a lot going for it. Available with the Milk Man Toner Company a premier Konica Minolta Printers company in Northern California, this printer and copier can easily handle all of your office tasks and provide you with a smooth and intuitive workflow.

Bizhub C360 California

The Konica Minolta C360
Konica Minolta Printers in California are printing and copying solutions that make short work of both black-and-white and color material. The C360 model churns out printed pages at a blistering 36PPM. It features flagship technology which has been perfectly implemented to take care of all your document capture, distribution, content management and output management needs in one neat package.

With the BizHub C360, you get –
• Printing speeds of up to 36PPM and scanning speeds of up to 70 PPM.
• Enhanced image quality for scanned images.
• Improved short warm-up times and 100% duplexing.
• Choice between output options including a floor-type finisher, a job separator and a modular staple finisher.
• A feature that lets you tweak and customize printer driver screens.
• Improved paper jam removal features.
• Paper tray options with extended support for many different paper types and sizes.
• Exciting new security enhancements as standard to Konica Minolta Printers in California.
• Environment friendly design with super quiet operation and low power consumption.
• Compatible with the new PageScope mobile app for easy printing from mobile devices.

With these great features, you get a powerhouse of a printing and copying machine which also features 2GB of RAM and 250GB of SATA2 internal storage. This makes it one of the most powerful, versatile and efficient solutions for your office. With the eco-friendly performance and attractive finishing options, this product is sure to add immense productive value for your office.

Why copier leasing is the right choice for your business?

Copier leasing is the best solution for every business, whether big or small. It is the ideal decision for the business ownership because it offer so many flexibilities. Many businesses require equipment such as fax machines, printers and laser copier for smooth business operations an now days there really is no need to purchase these machines.  Hiring a company like Milk Man to provide and support such equipment is considered to be wise as compared to outright purchase these days.  Let us analyze some essential reasons to adopt copier leasing here in Sacramento:

1.Saves you from Obsolescence

For your state of the art office equipment, you can stay in step with the latest technology without draining your pockets. If you feel that your equipment is not working properly, not useful for you anymore or seems outdated for your business as the lease ends, you may choose a newer or more recent choice in copier and printer or terminate your service.  This keeps you up-to-date while saving you time and money.

2. Get Reduced Prices

If you order in bulk, most of the copier leasing companies in Sacramento will offer you discounts, Milk Man is no different here. We want to reward our clients as they grow and/or be able to provide discounts when doing more business with Milk Man Toner Company. No project is too big or too small for us!

3. Get Tax Benefits

While you get deductions in on the tax as per depreciation of hardware or equipment when you buy there are substantial benefits when you rent copier/printing machinery. You can enjoy deductions on taxes worth full payment of a lease, due to the IRS consideration for pre-tax expenses in business. There are great tax benefits!

4. Get Flexibility in Terms

The process of copier leasing or any other equipment for lease is as daunting as getting a loan for equipment. There are options available for leasing where you do not have to pay full amount and you can get it 100% financed…just ask us about these options.

5. Get Lower Costs

As mentioned above, leasing copier and other equipment helps in avoiding those huge upfront costs for getting the basic and essential components initially required to run your business. It is commonly certainly a wise decision for startups, those who might not want to devote large expenses to hardware before knowing the returns, and/or are in need of hard cash to meet other business expenses.

Printing and copier devices are major requirements of any business.  Leasing is the best option as it has many benefits that help lower the workload and offer considerable cost savings for any business.