Dealing with day to day printer repair issues in your company is definitely a turn off, both for you as well as your business.Not only it diverts your attention from core issues in operations, but handling issues related to printer troubleshooting often consume precious working hours with no guarantee of value emanating from it. By becoming a little more informed about the common troubleshooting problems, you can confirm the issue before you decides to finally call a printer repair company based in Sacramento for your assistance.


Here are five time tested tips from printer repair experts in Sacramento-

  • No Response After Hitting ‘Print’-

If your printer is not responding to the print command, then it can be easily fixed by altering some settings. Go to your windows menu and click on ‘start’ button. Then, choose ‘devices and printers’ and now click on the chosen printer name and make it your default printer. It can be done by clicking on the ‘select default as printer’ option. If you find it hard to do, you might consider asking someone in your IT Staff to do it for you.

  • Light, Uneven and Horizontal Prints –

This type of printing might be an outcome of the clogged printer head.It can be fixed by running your printer’s utility program. After running it, you can run a test page which will assure whether your problem has been resolved or it requires one more attempt. Printers kept idle for many days might show such problems, so it is best to use printers once in a while.

  • Slow Speed in Wireless Printers-

To make sure that your wireless printer responds promptly to your wireless printing commands, always keep it near to the router.In case of problems, check connectivity issues and verify if it is fine.

  • Slow Running Printer-

If your printer is running slow, a little change in its ‘settings’ might solve the problem. It can be done by changing the printing settings from ‘normal’ to ‘fast draft’ in almost all versions of Windows. Another way to increase printing speed is to print from websites free of graphics and heavy files. Increasing your printer’s RAM memory can also solve this problem.

  • Problems with Printer Tray-

A frequently breaking printer tray is something that requires attention from the owner itself and not the printer repair company. To avoid such issue, make sure that the printer you are buying comes with a durable tray and is not overloaded with paper at all times.

Do write in and let us know if you will be using any of these tips and avoid calling in printer repairs when not needed.

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