Multi-function printers are becoming quite popular among small business as well as large organizations. Being a multi-tasker including printing, copying, scanning, fax, mailing, stapling and more, these smart devices are becoming an indispensable part of offices.

They are highly efficient and convenient and as far as cost is concerned, it is equally economical as compared to stand alone devices.

We are here to give you a better understanding of types of MFPs and their specific functions.

  1. All-in-one MFPs.

with the very basic functions of an MFP this type of All-in-one(AIO) is used primarily at home. It can copy, scan, fax and print and sometimes include software built to perform some specified task. They are usually networked printers which support wi-fi connections. Some of AIP printers have advanced functionality to connect to digital cameras, card-readers and some others also include DVD and CD burners.

With varied sizes and capacity, come with multiple trays which cater to different functionalities including copying and printing requirements.


SOHO stands for Small Office Home Office MFPs. They are commonly seen as large desktop or separate standing units powered in small offices. Being a part of your business whether at home or at office, it performs some functions other than print, scan, copy and fax. With increase in size and capacity, these MFPs include document storage of simple ones and their retrieval.

They also have duplex printing and copying, stapling and hole-punching as a part of finishing functions. As compared to All-in-one printers for home, SOHO are better in context of output and performance.

  1. Office MFP.

When talking about an MFP for office, they are expected to do much more than just being an MFP. So these mid-sized free standing units constitute to be an indispensable part of your work routine. They offer you network document storage and also an ability to use customised software which synchronises with your work requirements.

These not only avail a wide variety of advanced network scan destinations but also undertake the security compliance as a part of their role to authenticate authorised access, keep the stored information in encrypted form for the safety of confidential documents.

  1. Production Printing MFP.

These are the MFPs which are used in organizations focussed on printing or in departments which use multiple methods of producing content. With high centralisation on printing requirements, these MFPs are built to offer high-quality and high-sped output. They also avail you of high-resolution DPI and a wide range of highly advanced finishing functions.

We aim to help you decide well for acquiring right MFP to meet your requirements. For any kind of queries or information please feel free to talk to us. Milkman Toner Company is always delighted to serve you.

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