Purchasing printer for office use is not just a complex job, but also requires time, effort and money. Fortunately, many service providers have come up in the market with the purpose of offering printers on lease. This kind of service is cost effective, and at the same time avoids many disruptions as well. In this piece of article, we shall check out some of the advantages of leasing printers from the corporate companies.

1. Tax efficiency: This is one of the significant benefits of printer leasing. It helps in minimizing the taxes of a business up to a greater extent. It even helps to make a decision as to purchase, lease or rent. To start with, if you make a purchase then you can claim around 40% of price in first year. From the second year, you can claim 1/4th of remaining amount. However, if you are thinking about leasing printers then you do not have to pay anything, rather you can receive scheduled payment.

2. Management of funds: Leasing helps to make good amount of money. It simply implies earning as per the use. You can manage the incoming funds accordingly, and there is no need to worry about the interest rates as they don’t disturb your arrangements. You can easily plan out the profits based on the use of printer.

3. Multi use: The modern printers have various uses. They even work as scanners, pdf writers, photo copier, color printers, and fax machines. The advanced technology allows printers to work for varied purposes. Hence, it can be figured out that one can earn more by leasing printers to numerous companies in order to earn more.

4. Capital reasoning: Business can even expand their capital with Printer Leasing. The amount you receive can be saved to be spent for purchasing other business equipment.

5. Flexible options for payments: The payment modes and methods with respect leasing of printers is not fixed. It can be altered as per convenience. Usually, 5 years is fixed, however there is no fixed rule. The mode of payments is also flexible.

Know of any other ways in which copier leasing has helped you out. Write in with your comments and let us know.

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