Printing and photocopying is undoubtedly an important part of any business, even the ones that are eco-friendly and are trying to make their business paper-free. There are certain documents that have to be printed and copied whether you like it or not. Hence, it makes sense to associate with a printer and copier supplier, who truly cares about your business and is committed to providing genuine parts, accessories and reliable servicing.

Milk Man Toner Company is the perfect supplier for all your copier and printer needs in Sacramento, the Bay Area and California, be it for rent, lease or outright purchase. If you’re wondering why you should go with Milk Man Toner Company, here are some convincing reasons.

  • Prompt Delivery

The company offers prompt and timely delivery of printers throughout Northern California. Businesses don’t have to wait long to get their printer or copier. As a result, there is minimal disruption to the working of your business.

  • Proficient Installation

The company has a team of knowledgeable, professional and courteous technical staff, who know the ins and outs of quick installation. The staff has been trained to finish the setup quickly and efficiently and help customers understand how each machine works.

  • Technical Support

Once you decide whether you want to rent, lease or buy the printer or copier, you can get all the technical specifications about the machine from the company. The company current deals with service and supply of HP, Ricoh, Minolta Konica and BizHub products. So, you definitely will find a printer and copier to suit your business needs. You can even rely on Milk Man Toner Company for technical support of network copiers.

  • Affordable Pricing

When you are renting, leasing or buying copiers and printers, maintenance and service are important for proper functioning of the machines. You can trust Milk Man Toner Company to offer you competitive pricing for its services, including for annual maintenance contract.


With transparent and competitive pricing, courteous and professional staff and prompt delivery and installation, there is no reason why your business should go with a company that takes care of all your document-related needs.


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