Printers these days have become an indispensable part of homes, offices and big organisations. And in case your printer gets out of order due to any reason then the situation can definitely drive you crazy. But how about when your printer doesn’t break down? No down time? Yes, it is possible now with Canon E-maintainence.

It is an opportunity to take complete control of the working and functions of the printer and that too without adding to your administrative burdens. Canon offers a very effective and efficient way to manage, administer and maintain all of your Canon devices. This shall not only let you work more productively with your multifunction printers but also allows you to focus on other important tasks.

Diagnostic System
Canon brings an intelligent and smart Remote Diagnostic System (RDS) in e-Maintenance which sends an email to your service provider as or even before your printer develops a fault. It can also alert your deputed service provider if your device shows a predetermined erroneous outputs like repeated paper jams within a stipulated time or when the toner stock runs below the minimum level.

The automated inbuilt fault notification process is a very valuable and intelligent method to send an email to the service provider and let him quickly determine the most effective and fast way to resolve the issue. This enables the machine to keep working productively, reduce the repair visits and time by informing the service provider in time and helping him determine regarding right tools and parts to the right technician.

Consumable Management
In a very effective way to lessen your burden of managing consumables like ink and toner, eMaintenance automatically assesses the current levels of consumables available. And in case it finds that they are running lower than required level then it sends an automated re-order request to the respective service provider to replenish the stock at earliest.

This shall not only relieve you of running short of toner and ink but it also frees you of stockpiling gathered out of fear of last moment short-runs.

Efficient and cost saving
Canon eMaintenance is one of the most efficient systems which automatically records the meter readings, prepares accurate invoices and that too without any corrections.

Besides offering a guaranteed accuracy of maintaining bill readings, it helps you save cost of appointing a dedicated person to take counter-readings, to keep a check on consumables stock and above all it eases the burden of internal information technology resources.

Safe and Secured
Another important and worth specifying point in eMaintainance by Canon is that security and safety of the organisations has been taken into consideration. This system comes with an inbuilt email program which is meant to communicate with the service provider for stock replenishment, or regarding any fault being developed in the device.

This program allows only that information to be communicated to the service provider which is related to the photocopier. And even all this printer related information which is sent to the service provider is transmitted in encrypted form so that the safety of the organisation is not played with.

Feel impressed? It really is worth implementing in your organisation for optimizing the overall productivity. For any assistance and queries please feel free to contact MilkMan Toner Company.

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