The best of Ricoh Aficio MFP’s/Copiers for your business

Ricoh is a company that powers amazing things. Ricoh USA is headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, with over 30,000 employees worldwide. For 80 years (since its incorporation), Ricoh has been at the forefront of workplace innovation, delivery solutions in terms of information mobility and anytime and anywhere to drive the results you want. Ricoh helps you save the most important luxury called “time” by making tasks easier, faster and multi-tasking all in one place.

With the expertise in capturing, managing and transforming information, Ricoh delivers a broad portfolio of services and technology to help you innovate and grow. Ricoh is known for its copiers, printers and other office equipment. But actually it is much more than that, as it is a total solution provider. Amongst the most productive and efficient solutions offered by Ricoh, Multifunction Printers are a big hit.

Ricoh Aficio MFP's 2016

Some of the most popular Ricoh Multifunction Printers that are best for your business are:

MP 4054

A Black & White Laser Multifunction Printer, It is a solution-enabled workstation which prints upto 40ppm, copy, scan and fax. It has a resolution of 1200×1200 dpi max print resolution. With a large paper capacity of upto 4700 pages, it makes sharing information easy with support for mobile printing.

MP C6502

It is a Color Laser Multifuntion Printers that boosts your in-house production. With a print speed of 65ppm, copy , scan and fax are so easy with it. Max Print resolution of 1200×4800 dpi and a paper capacity of whooping 8100 pages, it has a 640 GB Hard Disk Drive to store and share your data.

MP 3054

A Black & White Laser MP is quicker, smarter and ready to assist you. It prints upto 30 ppm, copy, scan and fax. Print resolution of 1200×1200 dpi and paper capacity of 4700 pages, it gives perfect clarity and time effective solution by reducing the paper turn out time. It has an automatic reversing document feeder feature for sheets.

MP 9002SP

It is a Black & White Laser Multifunction Printer with more power, greater speed and impressive output. Prints upto 90 ppm, copy, scan and fax. With print resolution of 1200×1200 and paper capacity of 8300 pages, it has a wide range of finishing options.

MP 7502 

It is a Black & White multifunction Printer which makes high volume copying, printing, scanning, faxing and finishing easy. Now you can automate document heavy tasks and ensure outstanding security for your expanding workflow. Printing 75 ppm, it is power saving and eco-friendly.

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Explore the latest Ricoh Aficio printers, copiers of 2016

The latest range of Ricoh Aficio Copiers are developed for the connected enterprise consumer of today. The new features that come with these printers in 2016 are worth your time and money. For your business, this new range of printers is a sure way to enhance organisational productivity. Here’s our compilation of the various Ricoh Aficio Copiers –

Ricoh Aficio 2016

  • Ricoh Aficio MP 7500 (B & W) –
    This copier from Ricoh can perform functions like copy, print, scan and save. You can get consecutive 75 prints per minute with this printer. It comes with an internal memory of 80 GB. Its scanning specifications are 1200 x 1200 DPI. It can operate using Wi-Fi network or via 10 base – T/100.


  • Ricoh Aficio MP 6001 (B & W)-

Other than performing tasks like copy, print, scan and store, this efficient copier from Ricoh provides 60 prints per minute. With an internal memory of 80 GB, it facilitates convenient data storage. Good quality scans of 1200 x 1200 DPI could be taken out through it. It requires 10 base- T/100 network to operate and can also be run through a Wi-Fi network.


  • Ricoh Aficio MP 7001 (B & W) –

You will get 70 prints per minute with this printer. An internal memory of 80 GB makes it safe for data storage and improves its ability to perform tasks like copy, print, scan and storage. Operational under 10 base – T/100 network, this copier offers good quality scans too.


  • Ricoh Aficio MP 8001 (B & W) –

With an internal memory of 80 GB and 80 prints per minute, this unique printer is sure to boost your business’s productivity. Operational under 10 base –T/100 network, this printer offers quality scans of 1200 x 1200 DPI.


  • Ricoh Aficio MP 6002 (B&W) –

This model among Ricoh Aficio Copiers provides 60 prints per minute along with scanning resolution of 1200 x 1200 DPI. Operating under 10 base –T/100 as well as Wi-Fi network, it is well versed in tasks like copy, print, scan and storage with its 80 GB memory.


  • Ricoh Aficio MP 7502 (B & W) –

With an internal memory of 80 GB and ability to print 75 copies per minute, this Ricoh Aficio Copier is worth your money. In addition to unique quality scanning, this copier operates through Wi-Fi as well as 10 base –T/100 network.


  • Ricoh Aficio MP 9002 (B & W) –

Getting quality scans is possible via this Ricoh Aficio Copier that has 80 GB memory along with 90 prints per minute capacity. Functions like printing, scanning and copying are just a matter of seconds with this unique printer.