A guide to secure your Business Documents while printing.

A business has a lot of things it likes to keep private and a lot more sensitive information which it needs to keep secured. But with modern day printing and easy access to all employees to print unlimited number of documents, a firm’s business safety is at stake. Where a major chunk of companies do not bother to keep a track of who is printing what, and what kind of sensitive documents are being printed without considering the security level, the business owners face challenges to safeguard their information.

With this blog we shall guide you to check if your printer has these features or if you are about to buy a new printer then do check them as safety measures. Presence of such features shall ensure security of your sensitive business information.

These are the features:-

  1. File Encryption.
    While buying a printer, you should look deeply into the feature called file encryption. This feature means that all files are encrypted so that the rest of the connected computers cannot have any access to the documents.

    It also means that after being printed the file is completely erased from the system and wiped away from the reach of any hackers.

  2. Authenticated Access.
    To ensure the confidentiality and safety of your sensitive data related to your business and clients, authenticated access is probably one of the best methods. Choose a printer that helps you spot corporate espionage and allow only authenticated users to access the printer by entering a password.

    With this you can not only ascertain a level of permission you want to grant to each employee’s profile for accessing the sensitive documents, but also it will keep a record showing the printing details of every employee.

    With authenticated access you can also overcome the flaws of mobile printing experienced in other regular printers. It gives you a whole log showing which document was printed by whom. This will help you keep a track of all your employees whether they are operating within the office or from mobiles.

  3. Duplicate copies.
    When an original document is sent to printer for printing, he or she is allowed to do so. The said document is kept in encrypted form and inaccessible space which could be accessed for any additional prints only when the original creator puts his or her password n.

    This feature again enables to avoid the malpractice of getting unlimited number of prints of some sensitive documents by jamming the printer.

All these above mentioned features when combined in a printer give you the best security against any leak out of corporate secrets or sensitive documents or client data.

We are delighted to announce that all these privileged features are a part of OKI printers. Being a pioneer I the industry, OKI aims to put you before self and consider your convenience and security as a priority while developing new products.

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